Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball, 8 lb, close-up

Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball, 8 lb

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9.00 LBS

The Fuel Pureformance Slam Ball is a classic fitness tool that can be used to improve coordination, balance, endurance and core strength training. It features an easy grip textured surface and is designed to bounce between partners or during wall exercises. A workout chart is included to help get you on the right track. It is built with quality to ensure long-lasting performance. A good choice for use at the gym or in the home, the core ball changes the way you workout. Its 10 in diameter makes it just the right size to use with a variety of different exercises.

  • Easy grip textured surface
  • Great for developing core strength
  • Designed to bounce for partners or for wall exercises
  • Workout chart included with the weight ball
  • 10" diameter

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