CAP Barbell Olympic Collars

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0.82 LBS

CAP Collars are designed to help improve the safety of your workout. These barbell collars are made to fit on all Olympic size bars. A unique patented design allows these Olympic weight collars to be quickly clamped on and off of your workout bar. CAP Barbell Olympic Collars are constructed from a special plastic resin that is extremely tough and durable. Two individual 2" Olympic weight collars are included in this set. You can use these CAP Collars to help make sure that the weight plates you use do not slip off of your workout bar.

  • Helps improve the safety of your workout conditions
  • Fit on all Olympic size bars
  • Prevents weight plates from slipping off
  • Unique patented design allows for quick placement and removal of the collars
  • Commercial gym quality
  • Special plastic resin composition is extremely tough and durable
  • Set of 2 Olympic bar collars

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