CAP Landmine Plate Post 2" (FM-LMPP2)

CAP Landmine Plate Post 2"

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5.66 LBS

CAP T-Row Plate Post Insert Landmine

The CAP Landmine Post is an inexpensive, convenient & effective piece of equipment - you won't need an existing rig, rack, or squat stand to start an angled barbell training regimen. Its small size (full length: 13"), allows you to practice your cross-training routine anywhere you can find available weight plates.

The CAP Landmine Post is the perfect addition to your workout routine. It's designed with high-quality and durable steel.

Simply insert the solid base in at least 2 or more heavy weight plates (> 25lbs recommended), a 2" Dia Olympic bar into the bar sleeve, then tighten the thumb knob to secure bar stability during use.


  • Fits any length 2" Olympic bars - 8" long pivot sleeve fits 2" Olympic bar & 4" long base post fits 2" Hole Olympic weight plates
  • Easy to install - base post into weight plates (weight plates 25 lb and over), then insert bar into long pivot sleeve and securely tighten the tightening knob
  • 360 degree - full vertical and horizontal range swivel for a variety of exercises. Ideal for a total body workout or isolate targeted muscles
  • Durable construction - sleeve is made of heavy Gauge tubular steel and the post is solid steel all finished in an electrostatic power coating
  • Landmine post is not compatible with bumper plates

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