CAP PLUS Olympic Incline Bench

CAP PLUS Olympic Incline Bench

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173.00 LBS

Tall bar catch tabs make it easier to rack the weight and there’s a secondary set lower down for safety. Both sets of bar catches feature polymer wearguards to help protect the bar knurling. The large spotter’s platform enables assistance to arrive in the nick of time. Durable ABS polymer wearguards protect the bar knurling in the bar catches, while another wearguard protects the powder coat finish on the sides of the posts, allowing users to lean plates against it without worry.

  • 35 degree seat back angle.
  • Large spotter platform.
  • Two sets of bar catches.
  • ABS polymer protect bar knurling.
  • ABS wearguards on the sides of the posts protect the finish from propped plates.
  • Shipping Weight 200lb
  • Total length 20.5", total width 49" & total height 54.75"

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