CAP Sauna Suit

CAP Sauna Suit

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1.20 LBS

Add intensity to your workout routine with the CAP Sauna Suit. This two-piece suit, made of durable, heavy-duty vinyl, has elastic neck, wrist, ankle and waist enclosures designed to trap the body heat you generate during exercise. This means you don't lose body heat during exercise, so you sweat more profusely than during a standard workout, reducing water retention and increasing weight loss. The CAP Sauna Suit is ideal for indoor and outdoor exercise; however, should not be used in extreme heat.

  • 2-piece suit
  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl
  • Elastic neck, wrist, ankle and waist enclosures
  • 1 size fits most
  • Helps reduce water weight and increase weight loss
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

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