CAP "THE SIREN" Womens W.O.D Bar

CAP "THE SIREN" Womens W.O.D Bar

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33.00 LBS

The WOD Bar is leading the industry in best bar for the money. We have taken 190,000 PSI Tensile Steel and created an all purpose barbell. Even though The WOD is our basic barbell there is nothing basic about it. 2 Oil-Impregnated bushings and 2 Oversized-Needle Bearings gives The WOD one of the most genuine spins in barbell design. This construction is greatly appreciated when knocking out thrusters, max rep cleans and even deadlifts. The WOD is perfect for the everyday athlete who does not want to change out bars between lifting sessions or metcons. Olympic lifts, power pulls and even shrugs can now all be utilized with the same bar. 


Women's Competition Standard: 

  • 25 mm (Olympic Standard)
  • 15KG or 33LB. +/- 1%
  • 190K PSI Tensile Strength
  • Dual Snap-Ring Design Construction
  • 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings
  • 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings 


Spin and Coating 

  • 2 Over-Sized Needle Bearings for smooth spin
  • 2 Over-Sized Oil-Impregnated Bushings for durability
  • Hard Chrome on Sleeves (Scratch and Rust Resistance)
  • Less Maintenance


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