CAP Yoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Block

CAP Yoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Block

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0.53 LBS

This EVA Yoga Block is lightweight and stable Must-Have for practitioners at all levels.

The beauty of yoga blocks is that it can aid in the proper alignment for all yoga practitioners.

Many people feel that using yoga blocks reveals that you are not very good at yoga. Using them is a sign of weakness. When in fact, the opposite is true!
The use of blocks is for the exact reason in the above quote. It is almost impossible to have a calm, steady breath when you are out of alignment in a yoga pose. Therefore if you are committed to getting the absolute most out of your yoga practice, you will chose to use the block, if you are struggling to hold a pose.

If you are constantly pushing or struggling or worst of all, holding your breath, so that you can hold a yoga pose, you are actually NEGATING the benefits of yoga! So please, use your yoga block without embarrassment. Not only will your body-mind-soul reap the most benefit, but also your yoga practice will improve much more quickly



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