Fuel Pureformance Full Cage- 7 Feet

Fuel Pureformance Full Cage- 7 Feet

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127.00 LBS

The Fuel Pureformance six-foot Full Cage is essential to those who are serious about their strength training goals. Power Cages are ideal for your all around strength routine, and the Fuel Pureformance 6ft Full Cage has all the safety and training features to vary your workout keeping it fresh. With steel construction, oversized tubing, a powder coating to prevent scratches and rust, safety catches, and floor attachments, this six-foot Cage is built to withstand the most intense workouts. Focus on a wide range of strength goals with features such as resistance attachments, customizable hook and safety catch placement and pull-up bar. 
Fuel Pureformance Full Cage, 6':

  • Steel construction
  • Oversized tubing and powder-coated finish
  • Multiple training features
  • Safety features such as safety catches and floor attachments
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 43.31"L x 44.09"W x 72.05"H

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